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Tips and Tricks to speed up internet connection using Internet Download Manager

Diposting oleh Ardi Firgi at 26.4.10

Internet Download Manager Free Download
This time I will discuss some tips to Optimize your Internet connection that essentially speed up browsing connection, chatting and downloading from the internet network. Please try the tips and tricks to increase your internet speed. This is useful especially when we use the Internet connection was completely minimal in terms of the slow speed such as the internet using GPRS access, dial up and so forth.

1. First we change Group Policy configuration in our PC. Go to Start menu | Run | Type: gpedit.msc | Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | QoS Packet Scheduler | Resevable Bandwidth Limit double click | set the setting to enable and fill the bandwidth limit with 0% click Ok.

2. Turn off the update feature on your computer by: Go to Control Panel | Security Center | select Turn Off Automatic updates.

3. Eliminate Auto Update Warnings by: Go to Control Panel | Security Center | on the resource select change the way Security Center alerts me | Remove checkmark on Automatic Updates. For Windows SP1 Version: right click My Computer | Auto Select Updates | Mark on Turn Off Automatic Updates. Turn off all other aplications Menu updates on your router. 4. For browser software I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox Browser. Which according to my experience the most rapid and suitable for use on a slow Internet connection. If you are not using Firefox, please click the button below to download Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox for Windows
Firefox for Linux
Firefox for Mac OS

5. Browsing using Mozilla we can more increase by use a proxy and apply this in Mozilla Firefox Browser. How to change the proxy settings in Mozilla as follows: Open the Tools menu | Options | Advanced | Network | Conection Settings | sign on the Manual Proxy Configuration | Http proxy | proxy IP entries one at Proxy list below:

Http Proxy List Update 21 November 2009 Proxy Availability: Port:443 (Saudi
Arabia) Port:443 (
Saudi Arabia) Port:443 (
Saudi Arabia) Port:80 (Mexico) Port:3128 (Mexico) Port:80 (USA Filter) Port:80 (
Saudi Arabia) Port:3128 (Coden) Port:3124 (Coden) Port:8080 (UEA Etisalat)

Special proxy Telkom Speedy Network:
proxies.telkom.net.id Port: 8080 Port 8080 Port 8080

Special Proxy Indowebster.com Site : Port : 3128

6. Need To Download I suggest you use the Internet Download Manager (IDM) software, please download it here:

Internet Download Manager Free Download

7. If necessary use a proxy on above to IDM. Steps were as follows: Run the IDM-click menu options | Proxy | Mark on Use Http Proxy | Enter one of Proxy and Proxy port on above | user name and password empty | Click OK.

8. For the needs of chatting I recommend using Yahoo Messenger software because it is faster when used on slow network. Or it could use an alternative YahElite Messenger.

9. Proxy above can also be used in a way Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger application to open the Connection menu click Preferences | Mark Use Proxy | Mark enable Http Proxy | input one of the above Proxy | Apply and OK.

Hopefully tips and tricks above can increase your internet speed. Good luck!

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