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Meteor Showers Can be Seen Without Tools

Diposting oleh Ardi Firgi at 17.4.10

Bandung (ANTARA News) - Research Professor of Astronomy Astrophysics Lapan said Thomas Djamaluddin, Lyrids meteor shower phenomenon which occurs in 16-26 April can be seen without using any tools.

'When using the tool, especially through binoculars, field of view becomes narrow. This fact can cause a meteor shower is not visible. While with the naked eye, the field of view to the sky becomes widespread, 'said Thomas Djamaluddin, Bandung, Friday.

According to Thomas this phenomenon was only seen in the earth's equator and the northern part, because the meteors Lyrids move from the northeast and north westerly direction.

Everyone in the hemisphere, he said, could see this phenomenon at midnight to early morning and peak in 21-22 April.'In order for this phenomenon is clearly visible, the weather in the area where observations should be bright. Location of observation must be free of light pollution. In addition, the east and north where the observations are not blocked anything, 'he said.

He explained that the phenomenon occurs because the earth evolve through the rest of the path of comet dust Thatcher. Then the dust through the atmosphere and burn.

'Dust-dust that is visible as a meteor shower. Even looks like a falling star, 'said Thomas.

This phenomenon occurred since 2600 years ago. In the 1800s new investigators concluded the cause of the phenomenon Lyrids meteor shower.

'Point Sparkling Lyrids meteor shower comes from the constellation Lyra. Intensity is considered moderate, because only seen a dozen meteors per hour, 'said Thomas.

Ref : Antara News

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