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Microsoft Kin Advertisement

Diposting oleh CyberZone at 18.4.10

LONDON - Ad phones Kin Kin One and Two Microsoft's drawn protests because it is teaching the users for exchanging pornographic images.

As reported by the Telegraph, Saturday (17/4/2010) overall ad describes a group of teenagers using mobile phones Kin Kin One and Two to connect anywhere. Microsoft describes the second mobile device such as 'sociable' that can connect users with friends and social networks.

To illustrate that this phone enables users to share content such as photos, the commercials seem a teenage boy taking a picture inside the camera body by Kin on the phone and then send it to his girlfriend.
Apparently this is what then provoke strong protests from the U.S. consumer organizations, Consumer Reports. Ad impressions were considered to provoke sexting activities, namely exchanging sex content using a mobile phone.

As is known, is among the most vulnerable adolescents with behavior like this. Based on research data from the University of Plymouth, one of four teenagers aged 13 to 18 years admitted often send photos or videos to friends charged sexuality.

'Sexting significantly evolved into a bigger problem than what we had imagined,' said one researcher from the University of Plymouth, Dr Andy Phippen.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Microsoft said the company responded with this serious problem. 'Sexting Microsoft considers this issue very seriously. We did not intend to encourage teenagers to do that, 'said Microsoft.

Spokesman, with height of protests from the community, it immediately delete the scenes that do not fit.

Ref : OkeZone.com

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