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Top 10 SEO News

Diposting oleh Ardi Firgi at 15.9.11

Top 10 SEO News

We've got great news for you!
Readers have been saying that they want more Top Ten SEO News, so that's what we're gonna do.
  1. Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data
  2. +1 for crowdsourcing the fight against web spam!
  3. 10 Ugly SEO Tools that Actually Rock
  4. Don’t judge a tool by its UI: Cyrus shows the power hiding behind some unsuspecting candidates.
  5. How Bing Uses CTR in Ranking, and more with Duane Forrester
  6. Get a peek under Bing’s hood thanks to Sr. Product Manager Duane Forrester and Eric Enge.
  7. Tracking the KPIs of social media
  8. Quantifying the effectiveness of social media isn’t always straightforward, is it? Rand gives concrete ideas on what you can do to track performance.
  9. SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics
  10. Get out of a mental rut and get inspired to make creative content with Distilled’s epic guide!
  11. Do Social Signals Drive Traffic?
  12. Speaking of quantifying social media: Dr. Pete crunches some numbers to see how social affects traffic. (Now with more +1 goodness!)
  13. You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention?
  14. Time is of the essence if you want your audience to click on and share your links. (Up to three hours, to be specific.)
  15. Link Decay and Equity Preservation
  16. Why is link decay important, and how do you prevent your best links from dropping off the face of the Web?
  17. 65% of online adults use social networking sites
  18. A new Pew Internet report on who uses social networking—interesting data to chew on and use in your next infographic!
  19. The Evolution of the Web
  20. Marvel at this beautiful, informative, AND interactive infographic of the Internet’s history.

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