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'Mobile Spy' can peek at the Blackberry email and photos

Diposting oleh Ardi Firgi at 29.4.10

Mobile Spy software
American software company, Retina-X managed to create an application that spies can monitor emails and photos that exist in the blackberry. Previous versions of Mobile Spy software track only SMS messages and phone calls only, and provides online data access for employees, parents or anyone who pays.

"We invite you to open your eyes to real actions that could be your family or your subordinates to existing BlackBerry devices," said chief executive officer of Retina-X, James Johns software company that produces it. "What if the people you have to fool around you? Better to find the answer myself than not knowing at all," he added. According to him, this software allows parents to monitor their children, whether he sent lewd photos or not.
Software which is the latest edition of Mobile Spy software can track the delivery of images and impressions that exist in the blackberry email. Previous spy software even more powerful, able to track the shipment of SMS, phone call, and trace data access done by other people who are on one network operator. Mobile Spy 4.0 new software is also able to track the number of contacts in the smartphone owned by others, including calendar events, memos and other smartphones trace around it.

"This new capability can help parents and supervise activities of their mobile workers with better accuracy," explained the company that based in Arizona.

This version of Mobile Spy can also be used on the iPhone device, just like other smartphone with Android, Symbian, or Windows Mobile software.

But Roger Clarke, head of the Australian Privacy Foundation, said that the software is actually not appropriate. "Of course it will come the time for the workers need this device, but how to do this is through the courts if they have reasonable cause to conduct the investigation," said Clarke.

Supervision by Car Spy software is designed not to be seen. This device is sold with a subscription price of U.S. $ 100 per year.

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1 komentar:

honey on 19 Juli 2010 10.59 mengatakan...

i am new here i just start to explore great tips. Also after I install the app on her Blackberry , will I still be able to access it’s features via internet? BlackBerry Spy

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