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The newest Google Chrome does not use the 'http://' again

Diposting oleh Ardi Firgi at 24.4.10

Google Chrome Free Download
If you use the new Google Chrome browser, the address bar will no longer see signs of http://. Http actually an important part of Internet addresses while roaming applications do not require this element.

This change was made on the grounds that the scheme of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that do not sustain significant meaning for most people using the web roaming applications. Estimated to be only a matter of time before developers began to remove pieces of tracks cruise the Web.

Creator of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, recently said that the http:// in an actual web address is not needed, and he regretted it. He might get a good idea to designate a URL that does not exist two slash marks with ease. Because when he created the web about 20 years ago, he had no idea that the slash in each web address can be a waste of time in large numbers.

However, with the evolution of Web 3.0, two slash will disappear. In addition to http, ftp signs currently exist (file transfer protocol), https (hypertext transfer protocol secure), and VoIP (voice over internet protocol).

Like the latest version of Google Chrome, currently features more full of them:

1. Speed
Chrome is designed to work as quickly as possible. Even in the test, Chrome could open 8 tabs at once in just over 15 seconds.

2. Simplicity
Unlike the others, Chrome has an effective windows, clean and simple to make it more efficient and easy to use.

3. Security
With the Automatic Updates feature and sandboxing, Chrome will display a warning message before you visit a site suspected to contain malicious programs.

4. Other Features :
 - Google Chrome Extension
 - Translation on your browser
 - Themes
 - New tab page
 - Omnibox
 - Tab and stability
 - Incognito mode

Download Google Chrome

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