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Google attacked again by Hacker

Diposting oleh CyberZone at 20.4.10

Google office
SAN FRANCISCO - cyber attack against Google last year, are known to attack the password system that controls user access to millions of Internet giants such services, including email services and business.

Gaia, the name of the program to attack the password system, allowing users to sign in using a single password for different services.

Gaia, which allows users to sign in only once for different services, has collapsed from the attack two days in December and then, based on the New York Times report cited information from those who know the internal investigation.

But Gmail users' passwords were stolen and the companies likely would not have been quick to make changes in the network security, according to a report.
These problems began when workers visited Google in China sent a link to the short message which was then brought into a criminal web site. Computer finally mastered the group including a computer used by key software developers at the company headquarters in Mountain View California.

Google's first time revealed the theft of intellectual property in January, when they shared another company as a victim of a highly sophisticated attacks aimed at gathering information about the activities of human rights.

As the result of the theft, Google announced is no longer censored search results in China and consider to leave entirely.
Source code has been stolen from more than 30 Silicon Valley companies in the attack, in which Google says came from China, although not specifically disclose who is behind them. China's government has denied involvement.

However, U.S. pressure on China to increase after U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton officially condemned the country's internet censorship rules in a speech last January.
China is asking the company to do business in their countries should respect and comply with their rules respond to the U.S. stance could jeopardize relations between the two countries.
In the end, Google has closed the Google.cn and started to drive users to Google.com.hk based in Hong Kong which offers language service of China without censorship.

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